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Pregnancy Tips

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

 11 Tips For a Healthy Painfree Pregnancy
  1. Exercise! Starting now will help you stay in shape during pregnancy, can lower your risk for miscarriage, & has been proven to help reduce labor complications & length.  Join a prenatal yoga class it can help with flexibility & relaxation.
  2. Take a prenatal vitamin.  They can be prescribed by your primary care physician or bought over the counter.  Ensure that it contains folic acid.
  3. Nap! Rest when you can.
  4. Do pelvic tilts to help with late pregnancy back pain.  It will help relieve your back pain & also encourage the baby to assume a good birth position.
  5. Stretch before bed to help prevent leg cramps.
  6. Swimming is great in late pregnancy to help ease aches & pains.
  7. Take a childbirth or breastfeeding course to help prepare you for the experience.
  8. Drink plenty of fluids; at least six 8 oz. Glasses per day are recommended.
  9. If you are decorating your nursery, be sure to keep the heavy lifting to others & avoid fumes associated with paint & wallpaper.
  10. Be sure to wear supportive shoes avoid high heels (at least for now!)
  11. See your Chiropractor for regular checkups

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