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Chiropractic care often consists of a manual technique used to realign the spine & correct any biomechanical causes of pain.  This technique is commonly referred to as an ?adjustment?.


Chiropractic Care is a natural method of health care that is aimed at treating various health problems & injuries. Traditionally, it involves a combination of excercise, nutrition & manual therapy. We help you help yourself, naturally & effectively




With origins dating back 5000 years, Aromatherapy is truly one of the oldest methods of holistic healing.

Ancient man was dependent on his surroundings for everything from food, to shelter and clothing. Being so keenly aware of everything around him, and how it could be used for survival, he quickly discovered methods to preserve food and treat ailments through herbs and aromatics.

FrazerFamily_8Aromatherapy, as it is practiced today, began with the Egyptians, who used the method of infusion to extract the oils from aromatic plants which were used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes as well as embalming.

At a similar time, ancient Chinese civilizations were also using some form of aromatics. Shen Nung's herbal book (dating back to approximately 2700 BC) contains detailed information on over 300 plants and their uses.

Aromatherapy medicinal blends are now available at Frazer Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center.? Our blends complement Dr. Patels holistic approach to healthcare.?They will assist in the relief of strains/sprains, arthritis, stress, fatigue, muscle spasms and inflammation.? Each blend is individualized based upon the specific goals for?aromatherapy.? ?

We use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil.
Please contact Valarie Gannon for further information on Aromatherapy at 610-407-0015.

"Its a nice way to live, just taking what nature is willing to give"...Robert Frost

Aromatherapy in Modern Times

Although it has been practiced for thousands of years, Aromatherapy has only recently become popular in our culture. This is a result of a return to a holistic lifestyle, recognizing the importance of combining the mind, body and spirit to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Modern day scientific research has been, and continues to be performed which verifies not only the emotional but the physical benefits that aromatherapy provides.

Through research and awareness we have come to better understand and appreciate what nature has to offer us. We know the effects of "clear cutting" our forests and polluting our skies. And we ask for change. We realize that in order to sustain this earth, for the generations far beyond ours, we have to preserve, and protect it. At the same time, we know that we need to look after ourselves.

We are all seeking answers for the illnesses that pervade our society, and the stresses that this fast paced modern life place on us. Conventional medicine has given us some of those answers in the form of prescription drugs and surgery, but still, we ask for more.

With growing health care costs and the sometimes impersonal quality of conventional medicine, we have turned to nature to find the answers to our questions. We have realized that we must take personal responsibility for our health and strive to educate ourselves on living more balanced lives.

Therapies and medicines that were once viewed as alternative, cloaked in a shroud of skepticism, have risen from the shadows, providing a complement to conventional medicine. Aromatherapy is one such example, and a very powerful one, of a complementary therapy widely practiced today.

For some of us, we don't even know we're doing it. When you burned that scented candle last week, you were practicing Aromatherapy. When you walk through a fragrant garden, you are doing it again! In fact, virtually all of the bath and body care products we use contain some form of essential oils - the basis of Aromatherapy.

This is one of the reasons Aromatherapy is so popular today.

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