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Pregnancy Tips
Chiropractic Care is a natural method of health care that is aimed at treating various health problems & injuries. Traditionally, it involves a combination of excercise, nutrition & manual therapy. We help you help yourself, naturally & effectively



So you are pregnant!

FrazerFamily_11For most women pregnancy is a wonderful & special time.? Unfortunately however, postural and hormonal changes seem to take a larger toll on some women than others, resulting in a variety of joint, muscle & nerve symptoms.

As the fetus grows during pregnancy, a womans posture gradually changes, resulting in greater stress on the joints of the lower back and pelvis.? Postural changes can also cause spinal and muscular stress in the upper back & neck.? The increased stress of postural change combined with rapid weight gain often cause previously silent joint problems to be symptomatic.? The symptoms these joint problems can produce may range from pronounced pain in the lower back and buttocks, to leg or groin pain, upper back and neck discomfort, shoulder pain and headaches.?? Often times, women also experience pain post pregnancy related to nursing posture & lifting.? Intervention early on including stretches, strengthening & education can help reduce discomfort for both mother and baby.??

Fortunately, more and more women are discovering many of the symptoms associated with pregnancy can be reduced or eliminated with Chiropractic care.? Doctors of Chiropractic specialize in the detection and correction of postural distortions, and biomechanical joint and muscle dysfunctions.? Chiropractors are most concerned with how these problems can affect the nervous system and other aspects of health & wellbeing.? Through encouraging optimum spinal and pelvic joint function, chiropractic care can not only assist in easing the discomfort of pregnancy, but may also facilitate an easier, safer labour and delivery.? Chiropractic care is safe for most pregnant women, though an initial consultation is recommended.? We at Frazer Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center believe in patient centered care - a program can be tailored specifically to meet your goals.? Another benefit of Chiropractic care is it's focus on nutrition as an integral part of your care.? During pregnancy? proper nutrition is vital to the health & wellbeing of your baby.

Treatment for Pregnancy related conditions

Back pain, muscle aches and joint pain often accompany pregnancy and are usually a result of postural changes and weight gain.  Frazer Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center can help you ease your pain and therefore fully experience the joys of pregnancy.  We will first evaluate the causes of your discomfort and then assist you in developing a plan of care.  Your care plan may include Chiropractic adjustments, massage and therapeutic exercise.

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